Nycocard-II Reader

/Nycocard-II Reader
Nycocard-II Reader ۱۳۹۶-۱۱-۲۴ ۰۵:۰۷:۳۵ +۰۰:۰۰

The golden standard of Hb-A1C


مشخصات دستگاه نایکوکارد (Nycocard-II)

Point of Care Testing from Axis-Shield PoC

  • NycoCard READER II is a Point of Care instrument, designed for rapid and reliable measurements of all NycoCard tests.
  • With NycoCard READER II, healthcare professionals in hospitals and in general practice will obtain accurate, quantitative results from all NycoCard tests.
  • Coefficient of variation below 5% both within and between run.


پانل تست‌ها و کیت‌های دستگاه نایکوکارد (Nycocard-II)

  • Hb-A1C
  • D-Dimer
  • U-Albumin
  • CRP (Quality)